Bring leggings back!!!

Why girls should be aloud to wear leggings at school.

When you're at school do you like to wear comfortable clothes? Do you own a pair of leggings? Should you be able to wear them to school? I believe girls should be able to wear leggings to school. Girls express their feelings through their clothes.

Courtney Carp a teacher in Acton Massachusetts says "It's not fair to ban certain clothes just because it may distract boys or make them uncomfortable, those restrictions send the message that girls should be ashamed if their bodies." Some people say dress codes aren't always followed but it depends on the different people who wear the clothing. For example middle school student Abby Beljan says " I have friends who are super skinny and can wear leggings. I also have other friends who are more developed and get in trouble everyday for wearing leggings. " it's not fair to put restrictions on only a few students.

You may see a lot of girls wear the same typed of clothing over and over. But do you know why? Teen Fernando Ferrer said "teens should be aloud to wear outfits that show off their personalities. Clothes let people express themselves. Bingo! A lot of teen girls found their sense of style , but some are still searching. So putting these restrictions are like telling most girls not to be themselves.

Have you ever thought about how girls may feel about this rule? I mean sure girls have more power than before but it still seems like guys are getting more say in this world. Think about it this way. Girls aren't aloud to wear leggings because it may make boys feel uncomfortable or get distracted. Now why aren't we aloud to wear leggings? Boys!

Imagine going to school on a test day. I know I know we all hate those days. But it comes around sooner or later. So why not make the best of it. How you may ask? Wearing comfy clothes. I know some of you may be confused so let me explain. Recent studies have shown that wearing comfortable clothes help you understand questions on test , and whats more comfortable than leggings? That's right NOTHING!

So now let me ask you would you want to wear leggings to school? I bet you answered yes. So lets make a stand to schools that don't let people express their personalities. Lets end this mishap once and for all. Who's with me? So next year in school I want to see leggings on your back to school list!