Te Kāhui Ako o Kōhanga Moa

NEWSLETTER No 2, June 2019


E kore e taea e te whenu kotahi te whāriki te raranga

Heoi anō mā te mahi o ngā whenu, mā te mahi tahi o ngā kairaranga

Ka oti tēnei whāriki

The tapestry of understanding cannot be woven by one strand alone.

Only by the working together of weavers,

will such a tapestry be completed.

Our Values

Integrate - whakakotahitia Innovate - auahatia

Include - tāpeke Inspire - whakaohoohotia

Our Goal

The aspirational goal for our kāhui ako is to grow young people who, through being educated in our community and to use the words of NZ poet Allen Curnow: “learn the trick of standing upright here.”

Our way of operating, first and foremost, collaborative and strengthened by our professional respect for one another and underpinned by our united and passionate commitment to the young people entrusted to us.

Latest News

Kāhui Ako School Board of Trustees and other Governing Body from Early Childhood Centres Hautū training

Sunday 7July we have 40 people registered so far for Hautū Training, facilitated by Kathe Tawhiwhirangi CORE Education at Norfolk School, 3:30 - 7:30pm. This training coincides with the latest Board of Trustees Elections and involves experienced and new board members.

Hautū are the leaders in a waka that call the time to the kaihoe | paddlers and guide the waka to travel in the direction of their vision.

Hautū: Māori Cultural Responsiveness Self Review tool for boards of trustees has been developed for boards of trustees (boards) of English medium school settings. Hautū uses cultural responsiveness as an approach to tailor actions to the needs of your school and community.

Please ensure you have registered your name in the document link below for catering purposes.

Performance Appraisal Professional Development

Senior and Middle Leaders across all schools and centres within our Kāhui Ako have been invited to attend a day with Kathe Tawhiwhirangi Monday 8 July.

The day will involve casting a lens over our Kāhui with regard to Performance Appraisal Practice. In the recent announcement from the Government regarding the Accord and Performance Appraisal, it is timely professional development for all.

More Term 2 Happenings

Visit from Waitomo Arotahi Kāhui Ako

During our visit from Waitomo Arotāhi Kāhui Ako we had our Kaumatua Rimatiki Timu, plus five of our key leadership team together with three Board of Trustees members and two within school teachers speaking at various times to the visiting sixteen members.

As the day progressed and knowledge was shared the day coupled as an information session and also a celebration of how far we had come as a Kāhui.

First Performance of Kāhui Ako o Kōhanga Moa Kapa Haka

We had Manuhiri from Waitomo Arōtahi Kāhui Ako visit June 13, hosted by Inglewood Primary. We took the opportunity to have a first ever performance by our emerging Kāhui Ako Kapa Haka group. Many thanks to Kaarena Kingi, Lorraine Hitchcock (Norfolk) and Whaea Marcelle Messenger (IPS) for planting the seed with regard to having such a group. It was wonderful to see hopes and dreams realised.

Shared Pedagogy - Transitions with Chrissie Lepper, Early Childhood Teachers and New Entrant Teachers

Purpose: To provide support to Kāhui Ako o Kõhanga Moa around transition pathways to school and kura, in particular understanding the connections between Te Whāriki and New Zealand Curriculum.

Kāhui Ako Forum in Whanganui 13 June


To gather information, notes, discussions to on-share with those of our Kāhui Ako not in the room today

To use as a reference point from today’s hui

To knowledge build in these areas of - collaboration, distributed leadership, adaptive leadership, effective governance/stewardship

Eyes within our Kāhui Ako Spotlights

IPS Panitahi Whanau Celebrating Puanga at Kōhanga Moa Marae

Shared Pedagogy - Digital Fluency

Our teaching staff are enjoying with members of the Sharpe Associates Team. The team have had Teaching Staff across the Kāhui and also within individual centres. The facilitators report back great progress and increased confidence and competence with the use of Digital Fluency in our classrooms.

Who are we?

Big picture

Our Team

Key Leadership Team


This group consists of Key Principals/ECE Head Teacher & MoE Senior Advisor. This group meet every week on Thursdays from 1330 - 1500.

At present this group consists of the following: Karen Patterson, Sally Wooller, Andrew Georgeson, Rosey Mabin, Richard Anderson - Jude Fawcett is MoE Senior Advisor, Jo Wilson is our Expert Partner and Kathe Tawhiwhirangi is our Key PLD Facilitator .

The role of the Key Leadership Team is to:

  • Updating (when required) the Achievement Challenge Plan that is focused on the needs of the learners.
  • Deliberate acts of Leadership to ensure the Aims and Outcomes in our Action Plan can be achieved.
  • Through an on-going plan of monitoring and review, support the Kahui Ako to build its effectiveness, including the capacity to operate responsively to community needs.

Friendly Experts of our Kāhui Ako

Across School Teachers

Within School Teachers

Term 2 Calendar (This may change on a weekly basis)

Thurs 27 June

KLG Hui - Ing Pri 1330 - 1500

Friday 28 June

KLP Hui (Karen, Lorraine and Paul)

Thursday 4 July

KLG Hui - Ing Pri 1330 - 1500

Friday 4 July

Karen with Lorraine and Paul 1200 - 1330

Sunday 7 July

Kahui Ako - BoT self-review using Hāutu 1530 - 1930 - Norfolk School