Morocco News


Morocco has a population of 30,700,000 people. Its land is 178 per sq. mi. and 69 per sq. km . It's landmass is 269,757 sq. mi. and 698,671 sq. mi. Most of the languages spoken in Morooco are Arabic , French , and Berber. This country's main major export is Foods. It's major import is machinery. It's capital is Rabat.

Questions and Definitions



It is made up of small partials of rich soil. This helps farmers farm their land without to many problems. This helps Morocco with their farming land and also with fertilizing the land.


It is a dry riverbed filled by rainwater from rare downpours. This helps Morocco when they don't have enough water. It can also help them if they need a passage way to another place.


Who were the Berbers ?

They are the first people to live in North Africa. They kind of look like Indians with all of there face masks. This doesn't help Morocco at all I just though it would be interesting to know about.

What is OPEC ?

It is an Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. How this helps Morocco is that it can help them get oil for there country. Besides that it can also help them get other valuable goods.

Give three facts about the Suez Canal .

These are some facts about the Suez Canal.

1.) Its a human made water way that separates the Sinai from the rest of Egypt .

2.) Its about the size of the United States .

3.) It stretches from Egypt west ward across North Africa to the Atlantic Ocean . The reason why it is help full to Morocco is because it can help them import and export goods .