Physical Dynamics

Canadian Geography

Gurjashan Dhaliwal




Which has more influence on where Canadians live – landforms or the combination of climate, soil and vegetation?


Climate, soil and vegetation has the most influence on where Canadians live.


The right climate is necessary for Canadians to live or migrate to a area inside Canada.

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The majority of Canada's population exists at the border. That is because it has a longer growing season than other parts. The rest of the areas are too cold for large groups of people to decide to live there.

A warm long growing season allows people to farm and keep livestock. This attracted people to the lower part of Canada. Now these parts have turned into major cities.

Money is made from a good climate. Farming and livestock provides for familles. It also allows people to provide services that will provide an income for familles. Such as building driveways, tent services and etc.

Happiness. It is what people want. A warm climate lets people enjoy life. People can go hiking, swimming for walks and explore the wilderness. This attracts Canadians to live in certain parts of Canada.


Soil is not dirt it is a a building block for life.

Soil is rich in nutrients and allows plants and crops to grow. Canadians moved into areas where soil was rich. People do not farm as much now. However, it was a huge factor before.

In Brampton we have apple orchards. These are thanks to rich soil. The soil attracted people which chose to live here. The apples provide for people and the familles which produce the apples

Saskatchewan also known as Canada's Breadbasket is a place with very rich soil. It produces wheat and provides for Canadians and the places it is exported to. People were attracted to the soil and decided to move to Saskatchewan.

Animals, Humans and plants all need nutrient rich soil to live. It provides 1 of the basic necessities of life. That is why Canadians migrated to ares with nutrient rich soil.

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Natural vegetation is evidence it is possible for life to grow here.

Natural vegetation is proof life can survive in the area. Canadians initially decided to live in areas with natural vegetation because they knew they would be able to survive.

Vegetation turns carbon dioxide into oxygen. Which is great for humans.

Vegetation can be used medical and helps humans in various ways.

Wood is a major export in Canada. It attracts people. There are job opportunities that it creates which attract many Canadians. Jobs = people. Wood is also used in housing. With it available in large areas people easily produce houses.

Final Thoughts

Climate, soil and vegetation and have most influence on where Canadians live. Landforms are useful but are not as important as climate, the soil, and the natural vegetation that occurs there. A great landform is useless if the climate, vegetation, and soil is useless for humans.