The Life of a Teacher

An unforgettable journey that makes a difference

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Yes, this is hanging in my classroom so everyone will know who my favorite class is!

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Let's do some brainstorming and reflections.

But, Frazier, I'm only in 8th grade.

That's exactly where my journey began. Things you can do between now and then (besides focus on your grades to get into college):

1. Pay attention! Be a sponge and absorb the teaching styles of every teacher and professor you come in contact with.

2. Get comfortable speaking in front of audiences.

3. Know everything you can about technology (including being able to type).

College! College! College!

It's never too early to dream and make a plan

However, dreams don't come free. College costs can be scary!

On average, one year at A&M will cost around $27,272.

Multiply that by 4 and you have $109,088.

My educational career to my dream job:

1. Graduated high school as valedictorian of my class.
2. Earned multiple scholarships to help with the costs.
3. My degree: Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies
4. I have certifications in:
4-8 ELA/Social Studies
ESL Supplemental
8-12 Speech Communications
EC-12 Special Education


I mean come can't be that get your summers off.
NEA president on what teachers do all day

The Perks:

You make a difference (positive or negative) that will last a lifetime.
Taylor Mali: What Do Teachers Make?

I love you guys!

Please, whatever you do, find a career that you are passionate about. You never feel like you're working if you're doing what you love.

Find a way to make a difference!