Helping the uptown Ceaners

Marie-Julie Chatonnet

why did i choose this topic ?

I chose his topic because a can not stand hearing people complaining that they don't have an iPad or a phone when they are lucky to have a bed a house food every night for dinner when people don't have one aed to buy a water bottle so I decided that I was not just going to stand there looking at those poor people and that I was going to take ACTION and help them.

The Uptown Cleaners

We should be so grateful to them they keep are school clean and beautiful and they do not get the amount of money hey should get so i think that we should help them because all the money they get goes to there family family that are in other countries.

my plan

what to do

We could sell some random things we find around our house or even buy somethings that we would sell and we would use the money to do bags with toiletries inside for the cleaners.

what to put in the bag ?

  • shampoo
  • body wash
  • tooth brush
  • tooth paste
  • hair brush