5BL Newsletter

January 13-17

Happy New Year to you all! I hope you all had a chance to view your child's second quarter grades. They are all doing so well, and I am so proud of all the effort they put forth.

In reading this week we are reading the story "Dear Mrs. Parks" out of our Harcourt book. It is a story written using letters and responses between Rosa Parks and children. Students should read the story at home, and also be reviewing the vocabulary. I also am reading Caldecott "hopefuls" to the class, and we are voting on our favorites based on a rubric. So far I have read: Elvis is King & The Undefeated. Ask your children what they think so far might be the winner. I will be reading a total of 9 books to them in the next couple of weeks. The announcement will be coming out on Monday, January 27. We are getting excited!!

In fifth grade math, students will be taking an assessment on Wednesday on adding and subtracting fractions. We reviewed these concepts with students today, and will review more tomorrow prior to the assessment. We then will be moving onto Module 4 and looking at dividing with fractions.

In accelerated math, students will be writing and factoring expressions. They also will be completing their WINK and beginning to review for their test.

In writing, students are working on figurative language. We are looking at similes, metaphors, idioms, hyperboles, personification and onomatopoeias. They are then writing a sentence and drawing a picture that will be displayed in their snow globe. You will get to check these out at our Open House in February.

We started chapter 8 last week which begins to look at the American Revolutionary War. We discussed the Boston Massacre, Boston Tea Party and much more. Students are working on taking notes and completing their social studies packet.

In spelling, students are the suffixes -ine, -age & -ege. Please review the spellings and meanings of the words with your child.

Thank you for all you do and I hope you have a great week!