Daily In-Flight News

Thursday, August 23rd "D" Day

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Mark your Calendar

8/23 Staff Meeting 8:20 am

8/27 Curriculum Preview 6pm-7:30pm

8/27 PS Curriculum Preview

8/29 Will McPherson from the Cub Scouts will be here at all lunches.

8/30 Staff Meeting 8:20 am

9/2 No school Labor Day

9/3 PBIS Committee 8:30 am

9/5 First Thursday Lunch with " Eat In"...more info to come!

9/6 MD Grand Friend's Day

Notes from the Office

  • You will find a new paper wall organizing system in the Office Workroom. Feel free to add to organizer when you have "leftovers" at the copier!
  • Student of the Week will begin Monday 9/9.
  • Teachers: Please find your DRA folders in the Office Workroom. The DRA folders are to be housed in your classroom!

Sunshine News

Sunshine Committee is collecting donations! This money will be used for get well gifts and cards for members of our staff who have surgeries, baby showers for anyone's first child, condolences in the event of a family death, etc. Please note: this will not cover the retirement party at the end of the year. Feel free to drop off all donations to the envelope in Alyssa Hoffman's mailbox. Please consider donating! :)

Thanks for your support!

The Sunshine Committee

For your viewing pleasure

Sycamore Schools Git Up Dance Challenge

Student Birthdays

  • 8/23 Evelin Conkle
  • 8/25 Nada Benlezereg
  • 8/25 Maya Karthikeyan
  • 8/25 Yalin Genc
  • 8/25 Yaman Genc

Staff Birthdays

  • 8/27 Kelsey Finn
  • 9/4 Joel Kriener

Guest Flight Crew

  • Jennifer Phoenix - Chris Pappas
  • Lauren Hoeltje - (AM) Karin Daley, (PM) Debbie Emrick
  • Amanda Fox - Ex EA

Out of the Building

  • Casey Stump
  • Sheila Gueterman (PM)