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July 11, 2021

New School Year Excitement!

We are very excited to welcome back the Wolverines and welcome new Wolverines to the 21-22 school year! This is going to be an extra special year as we adjust to all students being back together in the school building. We are looking forward to helping students get the school year started off right. We will work to keep everyone informed of back to school activities and the first day of school. Please take time to read the weekly bulletins to stay up-to-date!


Sharon Lopez, Ed.D.

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Residency Verification / Schedule Preview & New to Brook Night

Residency Verification & Schedule Preview - Wednesday, August 4th - 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Please see information below regarding this event.

New to Brook Night - Wed. Aug 4th @ 7:00 p.m. - In-person Auditorium & Live Stream

This is a brief informational night for any new incoming students coming to Brook.

Link to Live Stream of Event

All students should come get a draft of their schedule! Please read details below to ensure you are ready for the event.

  • Enter the building through the last entrance at the front of the school closest to HOPE VILLAGE ROAD.

  • Schedule pick up is an opportunity for your student to take care of back-to-school administrative tasks before the year begins. Students pay fine and fees (which can also be paid in the Skyward family portal), verify their residency in our zone (or have an approved transfer), receive their student ID, pay for parking, and get a DRAFT of their schedule. Counselors & Admin. are available to help answer any questions you may have.

If you are unable to attend schedule pick up, please continue to fill out the online registration information and we will take care of the rest of the items when the students return to school on August 17th (9th graders first day of school is Aug. 16th). The online registration form portal will open August 1st. All paperwork must be completed prior to schedule preview.

What to Bring to Residency Check / Schedule Preview

  1. You must completely fill out the online registration in Skyward in order for your student to participate in the schedule pick up process. If this information is not completed in its entirety, your student will be turned away and will not receive a draft of their schedule. Again, the portal will open on August 1st.
  2. All students MUST be clear on fines and fees from previous school years before they will be permitted to enter the schedule pick up process at school. Please send your student with the appropriate amount of money to clear the fines and fees (cash or money order only) or pay online in the Skyward family portal. If they owe nothing, please disregard this requirement.
  3. ALL students are required to provide proof of residency - upload to Skyward. We prefer you upload this bill to Skyward, but you can also bring a copy in. Proof of residency MUST include one of the following: Light bill, gas bill, water bill – MUST be from June, July, or August 2021. We will not accept any other type of bill. If you moved since last year, we will also need to see your lease agreement or mortgage statement to update it. If you are at Brook on a student transfer, you will need to let us know so we can check the system.
  4. Various groups will be selling spirit items such as hats, shirts, etc. Bring MONEY!!!!
  5. Parking Permits will be sold. Please have proof of insurance (students name must be on the insurance as well as the current address), valid driver’s license, and a plate number along with $35 (cash or money order only). Permits will be sold at all lunches the first 2 weeks of school. After that grace period, parking tickets will be issued, and towing will occur at the student’s expense.
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First Days of School

  • Wolverine Way Day - Aug. 16th - Incoming 9th graders ONLY (Takes the place of Fish Camp) - Students arrive before 7:20 (by bus or dropped off) and report to their advisory class. Advisory lists will be posted around the school and staff will help students find their classes. Students should be prepared to look up their schedule in Skyward before Aug. 16th. Our Wolverine Way Day will be an orientation day for our freshman students and help them learn about Clear Brook and what means to be a Wolverine! Students will be released at 2:35 and bus routes will run at this time.

  • August 17th - ALL students report to CBHS - All students should report directly to first period before the tardy bell at 7:20. Schedules may change between registration and the first day, so we need everyone to look up their schedule in Skyward on the 17th and follow that one. The schedule from the preview is only a draft and could have changed. Students must follow the proper schedule listed in Skyward on the first day.
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Various Back-to-School Information

BUSES: If your student rides the bus, please go to the Transfinder to get your bus number and pick up times. If your student waits until 2:30 on the first day of school to figure out what bus they ride, it will probably be too late and they will miss it.

DUAL CREDIT: First day of school only - Morning dual credit students will report to CBHS at or before 8:45 am to sit in the commons until the bell rings to go to 3rd period. If you are late to 3rd period you will be unenrolled from CBHS and your schedule will be dropped. YOU MUST BE ON TIME FOR 3rd period which begins at 9:00. Those of you who come for first period will wait in the commons for 3rd period. Afternoon dual credit students will report to San Jac after 5th period for their regularly scheduled class.

On the second day of school, and everyday thereafter, morning dual credit students will report directly to San Jac for class. If students arrive at CBHS, from San Jac, before the bell for 3rd period - they must wait in the commons (and only the commons) until class change.

SCHOOL SERVICE: Seniors with school service on their schedule will report to room 116 during their aide period so they can be assigned their location. Ms. Ruiz will be there to assist you.

OFF CAMPUS CLASSES: Students who travel to other campuses for programs such as auto tech, bio med, etc. should report to room 116 at CBHS during their scheduled periods on the first day of school and see Ms. Smith. She will give you information about how to travel between schools and what to do when we have alternative schedules, inclement weather, etc.

TARDIES: CBHS begins counting tardies on Monday, August 23rd. This has proven to be plenty of time for students learn their schedule. If a student is having a hard time getting to a particular class on time, they need to see their AP to discuss routes and timing.

LOCKERS: Lockers will be assigned upon request. Students can get their locker information before school, after school, or during lunch in the AP office.

IDs: If your student did not pick up their ID at registration or needs to get a new one, they can always come into the office before school, after school, or during lunch. If students require a new ID, the cost is $5. Due to safety concerns, students will be required to wear their ID every day, visible – on the upper portion of their torso. The first ID is provided to them by CBHS, however, everyone after that is $5 (lanyard included). If they only need a lanyard, they are $1.

TEXTBOOKS: At CBHS, most textbooks are only available on line, however for the few classes that have hardcopies, the textbook information is as follows: Students are NOT required to check out books – classes that have hardcopy textbooks will be issued to the students through that class. After the first two weeks of school, if the students need a book, they should report to the Locker/ID office and one of the ladies will be able to help them. Students can only check books out before school, after school, or during their lunch.

LAPTOPS: If your student does not have a laptop, they will be able to get one once school starts. They are not required to have a CCISD laptop, if they have their own device. We will begin calling new students to the library to get their laptops as soon as we can. We will add this information on daily announcements. Any students needing a laptop or “laptop help” should report to the library help center, which we call the "Brook Station". It is open all year so our students can get technology assistance.

SCHOOL PICTURES: Pictures will be taken later in the school year. Notifications will go out soon.

PARENT PICK UP/DROP OFF: Parents should NOT drop off kids in the front of the school. All students should be dropped off behind the school. This parking lot has one entrance and one exit. Please do not enter through the exit – it is a safety issue for our kids and drivers.

Lunch: Students can purchase a lunch in the school cafeteria or bring a school lunch. Lunches are not permitted to be dropped off in the front office or at the front of the school during lunch, nor do we permit Door Dash or other delivery services to drop off food. If your student has forgotten their lunch and please have them to talk to one of the AP secretaries or AP's, we will assist them and make sure they get something to eat.

Quest Hour (QH) Lunch: This is an hour long lunch - academic time built into the school day that we plan to transition to after the first two weeks. The first two weeks of school we will have regular lunches, three lunches, which will be determined by your student's 5th period class. We will take time to reestablish expectations and we will remind students of The Wolverine Way during advisory lessons. At this time we will cover the Quest Hour expectations, remind students of this awesome privilege, and explain that in order to keep QH we must keep the expectations as a school. After the initial two weeks of regular lunch we will evaluate the student behavior and determine if we can transition to QH lunch safely.

PARKING - Student Parking is open in the front of the school - Parking Permits will be sold at Schedule Preview or the first 2 weeks of school during lunch. Please have proof of insurance (students name must be on the insurance as well as the current address), valid driver’s license, and a plate number along with $35 (cash or money order only). After the 2 week grace period, parking tickets will be issued, and towing will occur at the student’s expense.

Parent Volunteers

All parent volunteers for CBHS extracurricular clubs, athletics, and booster clubs, must register in our parent volunteer system. We will send more information soon.

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