my tru colors

john ponke 3rd hour

its ya boi jsouth


- messed around a lot b

-caused a lot of screams by my mom

-i was obsessed with dinosaurs


-i enjoy making people laugh as often as i can

-i don't really do relationships i don't see the point

-iv only dated one girl and it was for a year and a half


-iv never had a real job

-i make my money by doing tasks that others woldent wanna do(like yard work)

-i mainly mow the grass


-im a good leader but im very rude with it

-i don't tell people what to do well because they don't listed

-i have a get it done type of attitude

bad day symptoms

-i really don't have bad days

-when i do it only effects my focus


-out of all of these topics i think that childhood relationships and work are vary accurate

-a job that could fit my color is a nice pay trade job

-as a trade job my color wild help me thrive because i can easily make friends and get connections