Chinese Schools of Thought

By: Victoria Waddell


The philopher of this philosophy was of the name Confucius. Confucius believed that stable societies were built on proper behavior and respect. All of Confucius sayings were written in The Analects. It consisted of things like, "The Golden Rule", respecting elders and traditions, the five relationships in society that one must honor and the belief of Filial Piety. The Dynasty that was in ruled during this philosophy was the Han Dynasty.
5 relationships of confucianism


The philosopher of this philosophy was Han Feize. He believed that the nature of all man was evil and that harsh ideas were needed to aquire order. He forced peple into government projects and punished them if the did not fufill them. The dynasty that believed in this philosophy was the Qin Dynasty.


The philosopher of this philosophy was Laozi. He believed that you had to become one with Tao. Tao means the "way" or the "path." He also believed that you should not fight back with violence, but that you should yield like water. There are various dynasties that believed in this philosophy.


This Philosophy originated in India but was brought to China through the silk road. This philosophy helped improve people's view on life and the further spreading of filial piety. The principle of "Bad deeds, as well as good, may rebound upon the doer" is deeply rooted in the society, causing people to do good deeds in order to pursue a better afterlife.