By: Haley Gosserand


A cheetah is a part of the big cat family. A cheetah is also the lands fastest animal in the world! Their top speed can reach up to 113 km per hour. They can accelerate from 0 to 133 km in just a few seconds. However, they do get tired quickly, and can only keep up their extremely fast speed for a few minutes. Then they become too tired to continue. Also, cheetahs are the only big cats that cannot roar. They can purr, but can't roar.


Cheetahs are usually found in grasslands near deserts in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America. However, cheetahs do not live in forests, rain forests, or wetlands. They prefer more open areas that have brush, mounds, and other obstacles so that they can stalk their prey. The reason why they like open areas, is so that they can view their prey from a distance and then chase them down


Cheetahs favor on attacking littler animals. Their prey, (what they attack or eat), is gazelles, antelopes, and birds. Cheetahs pick out the smallest animal in a herd too. The typical size of their prey, is less then 90 pounds. If cheetahs get a hold on a farm, they will also hunt on cattle and sheep.


Today, cheetahs are endangered species. Like almost all striped and spotted big cats, cheetahs have been long under pressure by fur trade. Basically meaning that they get hunted only for their fur. Another reason why cheetahs are going missing. Their habitats are beginning to be taken over. Loss of habitat is a problem. Over the battle with cheetahs and other large predators, different animals are also killing cheetahs! Cheetahs one day may be extinct.


Cheetah's predators are lions, hyenas, and leopards. Also, humans are predators to cheetayhs because they hunt them for their fur. Big cats sometimes don't hurt eachother, but others attack each other. Cheetahs are very sneaky animals, and they usually don't get hunted by animals or humans. But if a baby cheetahs isn't with their mom, they might get hunted, killed, or shot for it's fur.


Cheetahs have many features that help them survive in their habitat. One is that they are the fastest land land animal in the world! They also have sharp teeth, claws, and they are very sneaky, which in this case means that they usually don't get hunted. Cheetahs have a lot of abilities.


So, cheetahs are one of the lands fastest animals. Humans hunt cheetahs for their fur, so one day they may become extinct. If we stop hunting them, then cheetahs will probably keep living for another few years. Cheetahs have beautiful fur, they run fast, but they can also be very dangerous. It is true that people try to keep cheetahs as pets which isn't good for the owner, or the cheetah. The cheetahs won't get fresh air, and the owner might get attcked by the wild animal. It's not a very good idea to keep a cheetah as a pet!