Stop Cyberbullying

Dont do it

what is cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place using technology.

examples of cyberbullying

1. mean text messages

2. embarrassing pictures

3. fake profiles

Three differences between cyberbulying and bullying

1. cyberbullying can happen 24 hours a day and 7 days of the week

2. cyberbullying messages can be posted anonymously and are hard to track down

3. cyberbullying can happen whilre you are alone

Effects of cyberbullying

1. use of alcohol and drugs

2. skipping school

3. experience in-person bullying

4. unwilling to attend school

5. poor grades

prevention and awareness

1. adults could monitor their child's accounts

2. get their own accounts and try out the sites

3. follow their kids on social media

4. have access to their accounts at all times

5. talk about it

establishing rules

1. dont communicate with random people online

2. dont post your whole life on social media

3. give your partnts access to your accounts

reporting a cyberbully

1. take a screenshot or picture of what the cyberbully said

2. show parent or teacher

3. go of the site

report to our online service provider

1. usually if you right click on a post or hit the settings bar you can report things on social media

2. call the company website

3. write a letter to the website

report to your local law enforcement

1. if someone threatens you life

2. someone threatens your family

3. someone keeps bullying after your parents and teachers are involved

report to your school

1. they can give you advice and reach out to your parents and the person who is bullying you

2. they can move your classes where you dont have to be around the bully anymore

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