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Please read important info on Purchasing, Redeeming and how to Buy Online

Buy Well and Give Well Gift Certificate Sale

Our Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals begins Today for Our VIP Email List


Services can change daily due to quantity and limits.

  • 50 Min. Couples Relax Recover Aromatherapy Massage $150 Reg. $190 (online & in store)
  • 80 Min. Couples Relax Recover Aromatherapy Massage $195 Reg. $270 (online & in store)
  • 50 Min. Relax Recover Massage $55 Reg. $85 (online and in store)
  • 50 Min. Teacher Only- 50 Minute Relax Recover $49 Reg. $85 ( in store only)
  • 80 Min. Relax Recover Aromatherapy $90 Reg. $130 (online and in store)
  • 110 Min. Relax Recover Aroma Massage + Face, Hand & Foot Treatment $140 Reg $180 (online & in-store)
  • 110 Min.Couples Relax Recover Aroma Massage + Face, Hand & Foot Treatment $280 Reg $350 (online & in-store)
  • Surprise Service TBA Cyber Monday Online Sale Only

Stay tuned and Shop Well this holiday season.


We are able to help you give the gift of health at a fraction of the cost by adhering to our fine print. Thank you for your understanding.

  1. Only 1 sale item purchased and redeemed per person and only 1 sale item purchased and gifted per person
  2. Example: buy one 50 minute massage for yourself and the same for your spouse, friend, family.
  3. Only GIFT One sale item per person. Example: Buy 10 of one kind but must be gifted to 10 different people.
  4. If you buy one for yourself and are gifted several more, than you can use the dollar amount towards other services.
  5. Certificates are first come first serve. May not be redeemed as a Group and Valentines, Mother's And Father's Day Event. Singles Service may not be combined to a couples massage.
  6. Not valid on Groups and they must be redeemed through Dec 1st 2021- July 1st, 2022

No other discounts, gift certificates, spa cards, yelp or coupons accepted when purchasing or redeeming. Certificate has no CASH VALUE, No REFUNDS or SUBSTITUTION. Gift Certificate are valid between Dec 1. 2021 through July. 1, 2022. When redeeming you may purchase additional time or add on's for an additional charge. You will be charged extra for extra minutes so when booking please book the correct service. Must have certificate at the time of booking and present when redeeming. Please remember, these are not NOT VALID ON Events so they can not be gifted or Redeemed for Valentines, Mother's Day or Father's Day! 24 hour Cancellation policy applies to all certificates and will be used to pay for any cancellation fee. Additional time or add on's will be charged accordingly. Sale items and Fine Print can change daily due to quantity.

New to Shopping Online? Read Below on How To.



If you want to buy more than one Do not select "another service" at Step 1. First you must complete steps 1-7, and then click the "add another" when prompt. You will do steps 1-7 for each GC.

Step 1 : Choose "Service" then click on the drop down arrow and click on "50 minute service " select this service. Please Do not click the $ amount tab. Buying more? Keep going to step 2 and add another to purchase more and repeat until you get to your desired quantity.

Step 2: "Tip amount". Please choose amount instead of %. Tip not required.

Step 3: Click the design provided.

Step 4: Who is it For? If you do not know the To and From then just add a dash. It requires some kind of character.

Step 5 : Preview (optional), If you preview the GC, it will pull up as a PDF, the preview certificate will not have a GC number, DO NOT PRINT THE PREVIEW PDF.

Step 6 : Choose email or print now! It will produce the actually GC at the end of the transaction.

Step 7 : Click "Add to Cart". (this is were it will ask you if you want another gift certificate if so Click "add another" and redo steps 1-6 again and keep going until you get to your quantity . Limit 10.

Step 8 : Select "Check Out" and verify your purchase and then add your information. It will issue gift certificate numbers after you purchased

2022 Price Increase Notice : on Couples, Some Rebook, Deep tissue and Specialty services

Dear valued clients,

Over the past 15 years we all have been working hard to give massages to everybody at an everyday price. We want to grow and offer results you've come to expect from us.

We are raising our rates across our service menu. . Some re book rates will change Jan. 1st 2021. Our new rate reflects our increased experience, quality service and reputation within our profession and community . Please take advantage of all our sales starting VIP Black Friday Sale though our Christmas Sale. Sincerely EB Massage Staff.

It’s the perfect time of year to send our sincere thanks for your business. Happy Thanksgiving from our business to your home!

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