Come Visit the Croatan Sound

Located in Wanchese, in Dane County, North Carolina

A.K.A Narrows, Croetan, and Occam

The Croatan Sound resembles a great lake, which is constantly moving and is miles long. It is located between the Albemarle and Pamlico sounds. The Croatan sound is very different from the other sounds because it is not bordered by plants or marshes. Croatan was once a marsh but is now surrounded by woods, forest, and smaller beaches.

Small but still makes a sound?

That's Right! The Croatan Sound is the smallest of it kind in the Outer Banks. But, still many travelers around the world visit here. Even though its small, it almost creates an island of its own. This mainland is a fast moving, salt water filled body of water.

Problems with our Sound?

Toxic waste, Excessive Nutrients, Erosion and Sedimentation, and

Habitat loss are all threats that could cause harm to the Croatan Sound. Toxic Waste cause cancer and release poisons throughout an environment. Erosion can cause problems fro wildlife trying to live in the habitat or even ruin food supplies for them. Too much of a nutrients supply can be a big problem to.