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Ms. Welker's Class

Holiday Food drive and Toys for Tots

Wilder Wolves are needing your help to help others in our community have a special holiday season this year. November is a time for Thanksgiving!

Students were giving a brown grocery bag to take home and fill up with non perishable food items (please check the expiration date). When ready, students can bring back the bags and place in front of the library. Our families in need this year will be very grateful for the thoughtful donation.

Toys for Tots- Students can help make another child's holiday spirits brighter by donating a new toy (still in the original package). Students can add their toy donation into one of the toy drive boxes near the library.

One for Books- help raise money to buy books for children that are less fortunate than others. Each dollar raised can help buy books for children. Students can donate $1 or more for this great cause. Mrs. Howard will award the top 3 classes with free books from the book fair to be used in the classroom library!

Updated Dress Code

Updated Dress Code

The following change has been made to the dress code. It is effective immediately.

"Solid color or school appropriate patterned dresses, skorts, skirts and jumpers may be worn. Dresses, skorts, skirts and jumpers must be appropriately sized and must be worn no shorter than slightly above the knee. Dresses must have sleeves or a shirt or jacket with sleeves must be worn with the dress."

Student of the Week!

Our Walk of Fame is growing. This week the star student was Roman!

Here are our past star students from the previous weeks:









In Reading, students listened to different read alouds to practice making inferences. When the author does not tell everything about the characters or the events of the story, we can use our schema (prior knowledge) and clues from the text to help make an inference. We inferred many things about the books we read last week in our reader's response notebooks.

In Phonics/word study, we are learning about singular and plural nouns.

In Writer's Workshop, students were taught how to make their illustrations and text better by adding more detail and thought to their writing. Students are also learning how to make a nonfiction book by writing about a topic and knowing the facts and information about the topic. Students are working on a book about the first thanksgiving. We created a list of things we already know about the first thanksgiving and what we want to know. Students will learn how to find their answers to their questions by doing research and noting their findings.

Fly Away Home:

Two Bad Ants:


Inside Out trailer:

The Dot book with Peter Reynolds:

The Dot song:

Ish by Peter Reynolds:

Home Challenge:

*make inferences about the stories they read at home

*Watch Inside Out to discuss character traits in stories

*discuss the main idea of books that students read/hear-ask what's the scoop of the book?

*Use magna doodle boards to practice writing letters correctly

*share family recipes and discuss how to make family meals by completing one step at a time.

*think about author's purpose after reading a story/book

*practice retelling what happens in the story using transition words (first, next, then, last)

*use watercolor paint to make your mark and don't forget to sign it

*research more books by authors that you like

*play I spy with sight words

* students can retell or act out nursery rhymes/songs

*students can practice drawing characters from books

* use magnetic letters to build their name and other sight words

*place sight words around the house for them to see and read

*Play sight word splat

*words of art-allow students to write words with paint on paper/display

* visit the library for books they like to read

*parents can write notes and place them in their child's lunch box for a special surprise

* word hunt-go on a walk to record all the words that you see on your adventure

*play word games during family fun night


In Math, we have been working on using nonstandard units to measure various objects to determine the size of things. We used different size of units of measure and discussed our discoveries. We concluded that the smaller the unit of measure, the more you will need of it compared to a larger unit of measure. We also came up with some measuring rules that we should use when measuring.

Next week, we will learn about 2D shapes and their attributes we use to describe them (sides/edges, vertices/corners,


Measuring Penny Book-

Polygon Song-

shapes for kids(shape up)-

circle story bots-

square story bots-

triangle story bots-

rectangle story bots-

rhombus story bots-

Shape Song-

Home challenge:

*measure items at home using nonstandard units of measure

*measure how tall everyone is in your family and keep a growth chart to track height

*measure how many feet it takes to get to one place to another

*look for old or rare coins that you have collected (when was the coin made-date)

*Practice telling time to the hour

*sort and group coins

*practice saving coins in a piggy bank and watch how quickly their savings can grow.

*create a family Ten Black Dot book

*Practice using Ten frames

*roll a dice and say the number quickly (great addition fact game too)

*use bingo stampers/dot stickers to dot a number pattern

*create a number line in your home and your child can "walk the line" as they recite the numbers

*math number flash cards

*practice writing numbers correctly on lined paper


In science, we've been studying matter and the properties used to describe the types of matter. We also began studying the various states of matter and how we can change the states of matter by either adding heat or taking heat away. Ask your child what are some of the properties of matter.

Next week, we will continue our learning about matter and then learn about forms of energy!


Matter Chatter song-

States of Matter-

matter song-

what's matter?-

Home Challenge:

*make a grilled cheese sandwich or a smore to discuss properties of matter and how it can change from one state to another.

*think about how you change states of matter at home when cooking or putting things in the freezer/refrigerator

*identify things at home that are made up of matter, sort items into groups.

*look in magazines for pictures to use for matter collage or sorting

*watch the stars and look for constellations in the night sky

*observe and record the phases of the moon over a months time

*observe objects in the universe by using a telescope, or visit the observatory at Brazos Bend State Park on Saturdays!

*make a trip to NASA and discover more about space and the discoveries made by astronauts

*observe the clouds during the day and at night.

*be a meteorologists and make predictions about the weather, graph the weather in the evening compared to the morning.

*students can recreate the experiments we did in class

*students can practice how to use a hand lens properly (view newspaper, or other smaller objects)

* practice putting on plastic gloves and taking them off

* go on a nature walk and look for signs of science (record in a notebook).

* research different types of scientist and what they do

Social Studies

In Social Studies, we learned all about democracy, voting and how to elect people through an election. students participated in a class election and got to vote on which student would be the best candidate for the classroom helpers. Each student gave a speech to convince the class "voters" that they should vote for them.

Next week,

We will learn about Thanksgiving traditions and customs. Students will use what they learn about the first thanksgiving for their nonfiction book they are writing in ELA.


Sesame street voting-

Duck for President-

Home Challenge:

*Locate different areas on the globe/map

*practice using North, East, South, and West

*make a treasure map to find the treasure or surprise treat

*make a map of your house

*fly the American flag at your house to show your patriotism

*write a letter to a soldier or send a care package

*Thank a local hero in your community

*create and post your household rules for the family to follow

*discuss rewards and consequences at home

* day challenge-find a way each day to help someone

* read books about community helpers/leaders

Upcoming Events and News...


November 17th, Pk-2nd Fine Arts Night @5:30-6:30

November 19th, 3rd - 5th Fine Arts Night @ 5:30-7:00

November 18th and 19th, THANKSGIVING LUNCHES

18th- Pk,K, 2nd, 4th

19th- 1st, 3rd, 5th

November 23rd-27th, THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY

November 30th, Boosterthon Kick-Off

Alvin ISD and Alvin Community College are teaming up with Toys for Tots and New Hope Church to provide food and toys for needy families in the Alvin area. Help put a smile on the the face of a child by donating today!

A paper bag will be sent home with your child; the bag is just to assist them with getting the food and /or toy to school. You do not have to fill the bag up. You may simply donate whatever you are able to donate as a family, even if that is just 1 canned good.

Non-perishable food items and new unwrapped toys can be delivered to Wilder Elementary November 2nd-18th. Please make sure that the food and canned goods that you send are not expired. Wednesday is the last day to make your donations. Thank you!

Please check and sign your child's blue communication folder each and every day. On Fridays, students will have the chance to have "shoes off day" if their folder is signed by their parents each day.

School starts at 8:00, tardy slips are now being given at 8:01.

School ends at 3:25

All car riders need to remember their car rider color and number for dismissal. If you still need a car rider tag, please stop by the office to be issued one.

Lunch visitors for First Grade is on Wednesdays!

Lunch time is at 11:20-11:50

Please practice lunch numbers, special numbers, car rider numbers with your child

Don't get tripped up at school-practice tying those shoe laces! safety first :)