Christmas Is My Favorite Holiday.

By: Brooke Schulze

Christmas Is My Favorite Holiday.

On Christmas Eve when I was little like about five years old it was Sunday and when we were going to church I asked my mom how to spell Christmas, and she wrote it on a piece of paper, and then she told me, I could not remember it, when we got to church she handed me the paper and she said “ Brooke look at the paper, it looks like it says crist and mas, but put the (h) between the (c) and (r) , then it spells Christmas, that is how you will remember it.” Then I said “It has the word christ in it if I remember it like.” My mom said that it was a good idea, she said that on Christmas it is Jesus’ birthday.

On the next day was Christmas, I woke up and I woke up my sister Ellie, then we shook our presents to guess what we got. Then we go wake up our mom and dad, then they said “ Did Santa come?” Then we said “yes” then they come in the livingroom and we go grab our presents, we say “are you ready?” They said yes. We started to open them, I got a Barbie doll, a Barbie car, and an Ipod from Santa. Ellie got an Ipod, Barbie doll, and a Barbie car just like me, from Santa. Some stuff from mom and dad, but I do not remember.

When we were done, we went to are grandma and grandpa's house for Christmas, when we got there my grandma gave me a little present before everybody got there and I opened it and it was a little smooth rock that said “ Don’t stop believing” The other side said “ Jesus” My grandma said she found it in her backyard and she said that I would like it and I did. Then everybody came, when they were coming in they had a butload of present, but I told everybody it was Jesus’ birthday.

Next it was time to do our stockings. I got a lot of gum and other stuff, I forgot what everybody else got. Oh and the cats Lucy and Jojo got little stockings.

That is why Christmas is my favorite holiday.