My Teeth Whitening Experience

Everything You Need To Know

I’m a passionate chai/coffee lover. Over the years I had stained my teeth like a ninja. There was yellowing and stains and it was causing me much heartache.

I decided it was time to fix my teeth. I started looking up teeth whitening options very casually.

I want my teeth cleaned and I want them whitened (at this point I didn’t care if my teeth were generally well taken care of or not. I wanted to go in, get it done and get out).

While I was looking up whitening options myself, I saw a lot of clinics giving one-third of the price of a regular whitening but I just didn’t consider any of those because I just didn’t want to take a risk with poor results or harmful long-term effects.

Big picture

My mouth is very small so hard to show all teeth but I tried my best

You are bleaching your teeth and you need to use a product that can be trusted and at the right peroxide level.

My teeth were just incredibly yellow at this point and so I went for Primal Life Organics. My plan is to really take care of my teeth and rely on natural methods to maintain the color.

Within 15-20 minutes, I got the results! Yes, I got my white color back! That too naturally!

I am completely addicted to this teeth whitening system. It feels like I'm doing a detox cleanse for my mouth… and it's almost like taking probiotics for my gums.

I love it so much that I bought some to give away as holiday presents! If you want to have healthy gums and white teeth— here's the answer. You've got to try this stuff!

I spent the rest of the day smiling at myself (approx. fifty million times) because my teeth looked so clean, so good.

Reason Behind Natural Teeth Whitener.

Some people can experience sensitivity during and after whitening, ranging from mild to severe. This depends on a case-to-case basis.

  • Last year, I experienced a piercing pain in my gums once during each stage of the whitening, each time lasting about 1-2 seconds, which was negligible. So I like to avoid pain this time.
  • No side effects
  • White color lasts longer
  • So you won’t just get a whiter smile… but healthier teeth.

I would highly recommend getting it through the Primal Life Organics to speed things up and save yourself the pain.