The Marvelous Adventures Of

Cilia and Flagella


A hair-like single cell organism (organelle) that is used to move or be moved around the cell. Cilia are most common in the human body. In the body, cilia on the surface of tissues are responsible for protecting a person from germs in the lungs, etc. Eukaryotic cells use cilia to move through liquid.

Today's Adventures With Ciliaman and Flagellagirl (excuse the cheesyness!(:)

"Get back nasty viruses!" Ciliaman yelled. Ciliaman's job is to protect lungapolis from respirtory distress. The wind can not stop or lungapolis will die!! Boom! Pow! Ciliaman fought those viruses with all his might then quickly transported the "U" train, "Kary" (a boat) and set the "Oat" (the plane) off into safety!:) He saved the town again! ....To Be Continued...


Flagella is similar to cilia in that they are hair-like organelles. They share many characteristics except flagella can occur in prokaryotes also. Eukaryotes that use both cilia and flagella to move are also found in ferns, on algae, on bacteria and inside many animals. This adaptation originally allowed independent cellular creatures to move around in search of food, rather than wait until food came to them.

Today's Adventures With Ciliaman and Flagellagirl (continued)

Flagellagirl helped U, Kary, and oat find food for themselves and the rest of lungapolis. But, while ciliaman was gone the evil vilian Cold snuck in and started to fill lungapolis with water. Cilaman and flagellagirl quickly fought Cold and saved lungapolis again!