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Welcome to Forsyth Country Day School Library!

September/October 2020 issue:

  • Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month
  • Recommended Reads This Month
  • First Chapter Fridays
  • Sign up for your Public Library Card
  • Banned Books Week 2020
  • Typing Club For 3rd and 4th Grade
  • Reading Made Easy (where to get your digital reads!)
  • Digital Escape Room Frenzy
  • Tech Tip of the Month

Recommended Reads this Month

First Chapter Reads for MS/US

Join me every two weeks for the first chapter of a new and noteworthy book!

Public Library Card Sign Up

Residents of most NC counties can sign up for Digital Access to the Forsyth County Public Library. This will allow you access to all their e-books, audiobooks, digital movies, databases and all electronic resources. Only takes a few minutes of your time to do.

Parents: You will need to fill out a form for each student. Just use your NC Driver's License number to enroll.

Banned Books Week 2020

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Top 10 Most Challenged Books of 2019

Typing Club for 3rd and 4th Graders

TypingClub's lesson plan contains over 600 lessons, guiding students from individual keys through numbers and punctuation, and all the way to a goal of 75 WPM.

The carefully designed lessons include instructional videos, educational games, cross-curricular content, and other interactive experiences.

Typing Club:
Password: Library

Reading Made Easy

Digital Escape Room Frenzy

Tired of staying in? Try one of these escape rooms as a family, as a group, by yourself or even over Zoom!

Tech Tip of the Month

Find yourself typing the same things over and over in Google? One way around this in Google Docs is to take advantage of the application’s substitution utility located in the Tools Menu. This allows you to type a particular string of text and have it be replaced automatically with something different. Constantly type things like: Please check your OnCampus for all missing assignments. Type in COC (or any shorthand you will remember!) in the Replace column and in the With column place what you want the text to stand for. Now when you type COC in your Google Doc and hit the space bar, it will automatically add the sentence!

Go to Tools - Preferences and choose Substitutions to enable it!

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