Alice High School Newsletter

April 27, 2015


This morning you will be meeting in your HB5 committees to go through the evaluation process and to gather evidence to support your ratings. Let's plan to work as hard as we can to complete as much of this as possible. Last year's binders are in Dr. Holmgreen's office should anyone would like to look at their committee's evidence and to refresh memories. Please be thinking about new evidence that you can gather, also.

We have some forms to give to each committee and we have binders for the evidence collected, as well.

After lunch we will work on our Campus Improvement Plan.

Please plan to meet in the library at 8:00 for some final instructions. We will be brief so that you can make the most of your time today. BREAKFAST WILL BE PROVIDED!


Advanced Placement exams will be administered beginning May 4 and conclude on May 15. Right now, I have not scheduled anyone to administer these tests during the first week due to our End of Course exams that must be given. I will be filling in administrator positions for the second week and will let those who have been "voluntold" know very soon which exams they will be giving. I do appreciate your help. (Generally, I use AP teachers as they will likely have many students out because of testing. I cannot, however, use teachers to administer a test in their subject area. Therefore, I sometimes have to get non-AP teachers to help.)


We are now on the downhill slide and the rest of the school year will be flying past us. Please continue to monitor attendance. It has held relatively steady at 90%-91%, but our daily goal is 95%. Any extra efforts you can make to help improve attendance is greatly appreciated.

Please continue with your instruction, and plan to keep students busy through the end of the year. Seniors will be given their final exams a bit early (a schedule will be provided soon), so that their teachers can make sure that these students have completed everything required for graduation. Additional activities will be planned for them through the end of the year. Remember that this is a great time for those projects that you did not have an opportunity to assign earlier in the year.