New Face of Hope

Thomasian Values Passed On

UST Psychology Society in Kasiglahan, Rizal

Last November 27, 2015, the College of Science of the University of Santo Tomas paid a visit to their partner community in Kasiglahan Village, Rizal. Simultaneous lessons were brought to the area and the Psychology Society, together with the College of Science COMELEC, passed on the Three C's of Thomasian values to the youth of Kasiglahan. Competence was taught to allow them to be better students, Compassion taught them to put heart in all that they do, and Commitment taught them to follow through every task at hand. With these three put to practice, these youth can be the new face of hope leading the community to a better stand.

Learning Perspective

It is quite ironic that we are the ones assigned to teach these children from Kasiglahan Village, yet it seems like they are the ones who taught us the most. They might not have prepared lessons or modules like we did, yet our experiences by interacting with them inculcated us with values that we will remember as long as we live. They taught us how to be humble - though the gap between us and these children are very evident, they reminded us to keep our feet on the ground and remember that no matter what is the status of our lives, we are all equal in God’s eyes. They reminded us how lucky we are with our lives. Sometimes, as students with loads of school works to do, we keep on whining and take for granted the things that we have. At times, we are ungrateful and fail to appreciate the blessings that God have given us. Interacting with these kids made us value our lives even more. While we are there, delivering our lessons and giving them little tokens of appreciation for them, it is evident with their smiles that they value even the simplest things they have.