Burley Primary

Weekly Update February 10-14 2014

Burley Primary Spelling Bee Participants

We congratulate our Burley Bobcat Spelling Bee team that competed in the Regional Spelling Bee competition at Lufkin High School this past Saturday. Student were Xiomara Rodriguez, Larsen Goforth, Tyler LeBlanc, and Sahian Garcia. Coach Maria Rubalcaba. We also extend a thank you to Mrs. Reyna and Mrs. Aguilar for their help. We are so proud of our students. Great Job!


Teachers, we thank you for your work last week with Figure 19 comprehension strategies. Many of you have made comments to me regarding the application of these strategies during our guided reading time.

Our CBA 2nd grade and First Grade Cluster exams are showing marked improvement in student success on the math benchmarks. I thank you for your use of Target the Question and the use of motivational reading strategies in our classrooms.

This Wednesday we will be holding professional development at Slack computer lab for all teachers. Our topic and presentation will cover I Station Reports, Data, and how we apply the data to make changes to our small group instruction. We are very excited about this day and look forward to a successful day.

From The Instructional Specialist

  • Thanks to the teachers that are using the new adoptions to truly determine what will work best for our students
  • Wednesday at 3:30-- Slack Computer lab--All teachers
  • Wednesday February 12-- 8:15-- Motivation Reading Test for 2nd Grade
  • Friday-- Bricks4Kidz-- Mary Grimes at 8:30, Mrs. Villarreal, 10:00, Mrs. MoCorvey 12:30

From the Counselor

TELPAS-- Online Basic Training for NEW raters is currently available and is due by March 7th.

Online calibration opens up February 17th and due by March 7th. Collecting Writing samples for second grade students begins on Feb 1th and is due to Mrs. jay by March 7th.

Our Week Ahead


  • Lesson Designs Due
  • New Teacher Meeting with Riggs, Davis, Mijares


  • Policy Audit


  • Burley Professional Development at Slack 3:30-4:30
  • CBA Reading For 2nd Graders


  • Junior League parent Academy at Burley from 6:00 -7:30


  • Valentines Day
  • Student may trade valentines and bring wrapped goodies. They may bring decorated boxes /bags Please give goodies at the end of the day.

Upcoming Events

Feb 15--NAACP Scholarship Banquet

Feb 17 -- DEIC at 2:00 p.m.

Feb 18--Mr. Davis to Confianza

Feb 20--Burley/Slack School Board Instructional Presentation

Feb 24-25 --Curriculum Audit

March 6--Panther Community Forum at LHS

March 10-14 Spring Break


All to often we are giving young people cut flowers when we should be teaching them to grow their own plans.

-- John W. Gardner