Multicultural Fiction

Molly Jaske and Becca Hagstrom


A book where people of different cultures interact. Cultures are marginalized with characters whose voices have typically been absent from literature.


Multicultural fiction's primary characteristic is a minority character or group's perspective. Typically the main characters are members of a minority group; mere inclusion of secondary characters who belong to a minority group does not qualify a novel as a work of multicultural fiction. Groups such as African Americans, Asian Americans, gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgenders, Hispanic Americans/Latinos, Jewish Americans, Native Americans, and other cultures are included in multicultural fiction. Since multicultural fiction includes various genres, it is as diverse in style as it is in characters' perspectives.


People who belong to a specific culture can relate to the text and readers outside the culture represented in a novel can gain an understanding of the lives and cultures of their neighbors.

Top Authors

  • African American: Toni Morrison
  • Asian American: Amy Tan
  • Gay and Lesbian: Armistead Maupin
  • Hispanic American: Julia Alvarez

Awards Specific to this Genre

Asian American Literary Award
Asian/Pacific American Award for Literature
Black Caucus of the American Library Association Literary Awards
International Latino Book Awards
Lambda Literary Awards
National Jewish Book Awards
Native Writers� Circle of the Americas Awards
Stonewall Book Awards

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