Support a friend, reach out, and help us extinguish bullies

The Big Problem

People are getting bullied everyday! Whether it's verbal, mental, or even physical, bullying affects the lives of EVERYONE. Cyberbullying is the worst kind of bullying going on right now. There are many things people can do to end it for good because once something mean is posted on the internet, it is virtually impossible to remove.


  • 1 of 3 young adults have experienced or are experiencing cyberbullying
  • 25% of adolescents and teens have been bullied via phone or internet
  • Most parents of bullied teens have no idea this is happening to their child
  • Almost 50% of all teens have been cyberbullied
  • Cyberbullying victims tend to have low self-esteem and think of committing suicide

What can we do to prevent bullying?

There is a campaign called STOMP Out Bullying that offers help and has set up a chat line for people being bullied. They offer any help that they can to make sure bullying is reduced.

STOMP Out Bullying

Below is the website and phone number for the STOMP Out Bullying campaign. Also attached is the email for the No Place For Hate campaign. They specialize in making sure schools are bully free!

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