The Advantages and Disadvantages of

The Articles of Confederation.

Advantages of the Articles of Confederation.

  • The document stated to provide protection against the cruel and unlawful act of ruling the American colonies. By the Britain government which was lead by King George III.
  • Made the government able to build a government.
  • Has the ability to deal with foreign country on be half of the states.

disavantage of the Articles of Confederation

  • The central government that was established left with insufficient power. That is why it was a weak government that could not efficiently run the nation.
  • The government were unable to operate the collection of taxes that eventually left them with hills of debt and was incapable of paying mandated supplies to equip the Revolutionary War.
  • There was a poor establishment of the military program. Rather than producing the national military, the Confederation produced one militia in each individual colony in providing a uniform defense for the emerged nation.

My opinion?

The Article of Confederation is possible to accomplish its goal if it would have been smartly enforced.