7th Grade @ Simon Middle School

2nd Nine Weeks

We're Rolling Along in Seventh Grade

Welcome to the 2nd nine weeks of school, everyone! We're already a quarter of the way through the year. It's flown by.

In this newsletter, you will find information from your teachers about what to expect each 9 weeks. We will let you know the units and topics we will cover, when important dates are upcoming, and when we have important assessments.

Please let us know if you ever have any questions or concerns. We are all on the same team, and we want to work together to make sure that everyone has a very successful and enjoyable 7th grade experience.

English Language Arts

We're already seeing great things happening in our ELA classes this year. We're reading and writing and mastering our grammar more and more each day.

Unit 2 is called, "Reality Check," and it looks into the question: "What can blur the lines between what's real and what's not?" We will engage with numerous texts that speak to this idea.

Unit 3 is called, "Inspired by Nature," and it asks the question: "What does it mean to be in harmony with nature?" We will be doing a novel study with the book, "Peak," by Roland Smith.

- Coach Craig, Ms. Taliaferro, and Ms. Daniels


Units of Study in the 2nd Nine Weeks:

Unit 3 - Proportional Reasoning with Ratios and Rates

This unit focuses on determining how to find the constant rate of change, constant of proportionality, and/or unit rate from tables, graphs, equations and real-world situations.

Unit 4 - Graphs and Two-Variable Equations

This unit focuses on making the connection between proportional and non-proportional relationships. Students will determine graphs, tables, equations and real-world situations that represent both proportional and non-proportional situations.

Unit 5 - Similarity (begins in 2nd nine weeks, finishes in 3rd nine weeks)

This unit focuses on similar figures, scale drawings and how to find missing sides of similar figures using proportions.

Assessment dates:

November 8 - Unit 3

December 6 - CBA 2 which covers units 3 and 4

Homework for students is mainly assignments that are not completed in class.

Mrs. Neal will hold tutorials after school on Mondays and Tuesdays for any student who needs extra help.

- Mrs. Neal, Coach Gatzert, Ms. Daniels, Mrs. Fonseca, & Ms. Muesse


During the 2nd 9 weeks, we will be covering Unit 3 - Human Body Systems. We will be applying our knowledge of cells and homeostasis to study the basic structure and function of the following organ systems:

  • Circulatory
  • Respiratory
  • Skeletal
  • Muscular
  • Digestive
  • Excretory
  • Reproductive
  • Integumentary
  • Nervous
  • Endocrine

Science is working to enhance mathematic skills by utilizing an online program, IXL, in class 3 times a week.

- Coach Hanner and Mrs. Henderson

Texas History

For us Texas History folks, we will be covering what is likely the most "interesting part of our year," the Texas Revolution. This includes everything leading up to the revolution, the important battles like the Alamo, and the birth of the Republic of Texas.

We have invited our students and their families to view the 2004 Alamo Movie on their own time. For extra credit, they can fill out the movie Q&A on Schoology. This is NOT required but will very much help with their soon-to-come writing assignments.

Lastly, we have our CBA Exams the week of November 7th.

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Restroom Pass Policy

In an effort to protect the safety of our students and our building, we are issuing students a set of 10 restroom passes per month that they will be able to use when they are in their 7th grade core classes. These passes will be in their Reading Folders and will be signed or stamped by their teachers when they have been used.

We appreciate your understanding and we welcome any feedback and questions you may have.