By: Project J.A.A.T

Come To Mars!!!

We have a lot of reasons why you should go to Mars,Cool rock formations,red soil and it does not take long to get there. But the following is some reasons why you should come to Mars with us, Project J.A.A.T

Quick Facts

Mars is 225 million km at it's closest point. It is only a 16-month travel to the planet and back.The temperature ranges anywhere from -89 degrees at night to 70 at it's hottest point. The god mars is Roman Religion.

Reason 1

Our Spacesuit is very save and fun,designed by our own Ailisi Bogdon. It has heaters,jet pack,rocket boots,oxygen tank,efficient helmet that will keep you alive, ice cream machine, so on...

Reason 2

We can show you amazing things, on Mars there is cool rock formations, red dirt, and other things you will never see on earth.

Reason 3

Our rocket ship is out of this world, designed by our own Jackson and Aaron.It is very safe and efficient, It's fast going at the speed of 40,000 miles an hour, it would take anywhere to 60-150 days to get there


A trip to mars on our rocket will be 100,000 per person. But everything you find on mars is free. But each person is limited 5 items.
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Thanks For Watching!!!