Bee Class Newsletter

Mrs. Keegan's Kindergarten Class 2015-2016

Welcome to our class newsletter!

I hope you find our on-line newsletter helpful! As time goes on, I will do my best to share pictures and information about what our class is up to. My only request is that no information from our on-line newsletter is shared on Facebook. Hope you enjoy!

September 10th

The Bee Class has almost made it through the first week of Kindergarten! I hope they have enjoyed the first week as much as I have!

Each week I will try to update this newsletter to keep you informed of what we will be up to each week! Here's a bit of what we will be working on this week.

In language arts, we will be introducing both our Writer's and Reader's Workshops. This week in Writer's Workshop we will be focusing on our name and the letters in our name. In Reader's Workshop we will be listening to stories about the alphabet, names, and citizenship.

In Math, we have been introducing our calendar routine. We are hard at work learning the days of the week and the rules and procedures for working with math tubs. We will work on counting and counting objects to 10.

In Social Studies, we will be working on learning the rules and procedures of Kindergarten, being a good citizen, the flag, and the Pledge of Allegiance. Our behavior chart/color change system has been introduced, and we are gearing up to create our Bee Class Constitution.

In Science we will be discovering what scientists do in our study of the Five Senses.

We will start our "Kings and Queens" today and each day will have the opportunity to learn more about two more of our friends. Keep an eye out for the King and Queen bags in your child's backpack.

I hope you have a great week! I will add pictures soon!

Behavior Chart

Hopefully your child has already told you about our behavior chart. We do a color change system school wide. In the Bee Class each child has a Bee with their number that moves from flower to flower. Each day they start on the Green Flower (Good Day) and the goal is to try and stay on green. If they are misbehaving and I have had to speak to them more than once they will be asked to move their bee to the Yellow Flower (OK Day). If the behavior continues they will have to move to the Orange Flower and will miss 5 minutes of center time. If the behavior still does not stop they will move to the Red Flower. If they are on the red flower they will miss most of center time. I will also call home and they may or may not visit the office. If I notice that a student is going above and beyond what they are supposed to be doing they can move to the Purple Flower (Excellent Day)! I have told them that this is not going to be every day, and will be hard to do. Please reinforce this at home so they are not disappointed when they do not get to purple. Please let me know if you have any questions!