Electric Circuits

Circuit, complete path, insulator, conductor, switch,

Go through page in order and click on the lessons, videos, and review the pictures

Vocabulary for week

Think of your vocabulary words

  • Circuit
  • Electricity
  • Current
  • Energy
  • Series Circuit
  • Parallel Circuit
  • Conductor
  • Insulator
  • Complete Path

Digital Think Central Lesson

Use the link below to go through a digital lesson. Look for the above vocabulary words and write the definitions on a sheet of paper or notes in your interactive notebook

Circuit Video

Watch video below about circuits
Explaining an Electrical Circuit
Look at the symbols below

Make a diagram using ALL of them to show a COMPLETE circuit AND make a diagram showing a INCOMPLETE circuit

Big image
Look at the below picture. Make a T chart and classify each item as a conductor or insulator.
Big image

Video Circuits

In this video compare the difference of series circuits and parallel circuits. What examples can you see in the video of series and parallel circuits?
Electricity and Circuits

Circuit Game 1 Directions

Read the pages displayed and click on the interactive parts. Look for your vocabulary words.

Circuit Game 2 Directions

Number a sheet of paper 1 to 10. By each number write complete circuit or incomplete circuit. If its incomplete draw a way to fix the circuit to make it complete

Look at diagram below

Is this a complete circuit or incomplete? Be able to explain Why or why not.
Big image

Open and Closed Circuits

Be able to know the difference of closed and open circuits

Click to see a webpage and read about open and closed circuits

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Click here for circuit video

Watch short video on circuits

Circuit Activity

Students use paper provided by teacher to complete while doing activity
Click here- Circuit Activity

Use the paper provided to fill in notes.

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