Information and Background By Ki'Asia Collins


The Constiturtion provides that senators must be at least 30 years old, citizens of the united states for 9years before election, and legal residents of the state they represtent. All voters of each state elect senators stationwide

Salary and Benefits

-as of 2013 the salary of the senators is $174,000.

-The senate can set their own salaries

-They dont have to follow laws on their way from a senator meeting (like speeding)

Some of Our Senators

Term of Office

Elections for the senate, like those for the House, are held in November of even numbered years. Senators also begin their terms on January 3, after the election held the previous November.

The senate has a 6-year term and would run every 2 years, but they are most likely to win the reelection.

If a Senator dies or resigns before the end of the term, the state legislature may authorize the governor to appont someone to fill the vacanvy until the next election. The Governor may also call a special election to fill a seat


-They are Free from arrest in all cases except treason, felony, and breach of peace when attending and leaving Congress

-This doesnt extend what members may say outside of congress

-They cant be sued for for anything they say on the house or senate floor.