Becoming a Chef

Chris Pivaral Per. 10

Responsibilites and Duties

There are many responsibilities when it comes to being a chef. A chef is responsible for overseeing all who work and ensure that they all work to their full potential. Chefs are also responsible for planning and setting up a menu. A chef can also have duties that they have to do on a daily basis. Chefs have to ensure that employees show up for work, place food orders, and they train the kitchen staff. When it comes to working hours, it all depends on what kind of chef you want to be. If you work at a restaurant, you may be working early in the morning until late at night. If you're a chef for a catering company, your hours will depend on on the type of catering company you have and the amount of functions there are. A chef can work almost anywhere including hotels, catering companies, restaurants, schools, universities, colleges, private homes; you name it. A chef's salary can depend on what type of chef you are, like you you're a culinary instructor, your annual salary will around $104,000 as if you were a pastry chef, your annual salary will be around $47,000.

Educatiion/Skills/Job Outlook

Education is not strictly required, many chefs combine experience with postsecondary training. Most chefs start off as cooks and they work themselves to become professional chefs. As for skills chefs need motivation, imagination, confidence, and 8 to 10 years of experience. Job openings for chefs are expected to be plentiful in 2014.