Propaganda Posters of World War 1

propaganda posters of both the Allied and Central Powers

American Propaganda Poster #1

Propaganda type: Bandwagon

This poster shows Lady Liberty asleep and America telling her to wake because war is here and we need everyone to help fight and win it.

American Propaganda Poster #2

Propaganda type: Bandwagon

Food amounts for people back home were cut down so that the soldiers over seas would have enough food supplies for them to eat.

American Propaganda Poster #3

Propaganda type: Name Calling

American propaganda depicted the German army as Huns and brutes and how this army must be stopped.

Propaganda Posters from Other Countries

Propaganda Song from World War 1

WWI - Over There
Propaganda type: Bandwagon and Loaded Words

American propaganda songs helped to rally up the American men to enlist in the military and fight the German 'Huns'

Modern Day Propaganda Poster

United States Army Propaganda Poster

Propaganda type: Plain Folk and Loaded Words

This is showing how we have progressed as a society and that now the United States Military is open to everyone including women, African Americans, etc...

By: Emma McLaughlin - AH2