The new Debate Club needs a logo!

Entries Due: November 5

About Us

Design on the side? Want to boost your resume by landing a great marketing opportunity? Modern or traditional? You decide!

The James Farmer Jr. Debate Association, also known as the Wiley College Debate Club, is dedicated to expanding the benefits of debate to all members of the Wiley College community. We meet every other Thursday at 11am in Wiley Pemberton Complex 253. Membership is open to all Wiley College students. As a new campus club, we are in need of an official logo. That's where the larger community comes in! We need your input and your ideas for a new logo. All submissions will be considered by the officers. The winner can expect their design to be marketed across various media platforms and merchandise.

SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY NOW to srainey@wileyc.edu

Minimum Requirements

  1. All submitters must be members of the club. Please visit our Facebook page to join (easy to do so!).
  2. The logo or emblem should include the official name of the organization: "James Farmer Jr. Debate Association".
  3. Inclusion of an image of James Farmer Jr. himself would be preferred but not required. Be creative and have fun!
  4. Image should be tasteful, but fun. We will be using this image to market the club. It'll be branded online, social media, and merchandise. We want something you can be proud of!
  5. Images should be high definition with clean lines. Images that are not of a reasonable quality may be disqualified from the contest by the officers.
  6. Image can be completed in any common format.