Facts on drugs

How they affect you

Drugs are bad

Doing drugs can cause lung cancer, rotten teeth, hair loss, and you age faster. It can also mess up your mind like always having nightmares, depression, and impairment. They can mess up your life for good.

Drugs are expensive

If you sell drugs to other people its illegal and a waste of money. Something can hurt you hard. People ask too much for drugs when you could be using your money for something else.

Facts about the book

Bryon and Mark both did drugs and alcohol when they were young. Mark still did but bryon stopped because of the fact that it was bad for him and started living his life differently
Some people ask what can drug do to you when you get older. They can make you really sick, can have serious diseases from it and can die, and can change how you look form now till then making you look a completly different person.