Siemens Chronicles

Answers to the industry

Siemens Review

Siemens is still the #1 company in the whole world and #2 in the U.S. With the oil and gas prices decreasing our company is still doing great! We cant be caught off guard though and lose our #1 spot in the world. What we need is to be on top in every country in the world. We need to increase our manufacturing, employment, technology, and our revenue .Yes, i understand the challenge i just set up is a bit hard but that's what makes us humans better and advance even faster for the future. This may take a very long time but i know all the employees here put their all into everything they do. The reason i think this attainable would be because of all the past accomplishments that have taken us so far in this world. if all the great employees that work for Siemens put there all into this then i believe we could do this as shown in our previous accomplishments. we need you, the employees, to create ideas, so that all of us can benefit. So please if you have any ideas on your mind or know anyone that does don't be embarrassed to inform us or try to make it come true. Either way we're glad that you work for us, everyone has been doing great in the company, and hopefully you'll stay longer for the upcoming challenges we'll have in the near future.

Job Ideas

Biggest problem in our industry has currently is that the oil and gas prices are decreasing tremendously. Unemployment is happening more than before and people are quitting because of the disavantages in their company. We need a solution to let the people who work for Siemens have jobs for the present and the future. We need to increase the work of area in the oil and gas industry or change the employee work of area and their career into something better. The idea isn't the best for people, they would protest, but the outcome will be better than unemployment. Still we need employes in the area that can work with oil and gas because not all things that use oil or gas will go away. Cars that use gas the most will change but we can still make use of the small portion that will use oil or gas. With people thinking though eco friendly, they will encourage to make cars that wont even use gas. So instead of going with oil and gas we can slowly change that into an ecofriendly form so more car companies will sponsor us and we'll have more jobs open for more employees,ect. By 2025 we should have more jobs open so dont think we're doing this for our own; we're doing it for our workers, and for the health of our world.

Succesful and long time employees

We have had amazing employees in the past and right now in the present. Some employees have stayed with our company for years. Siemens have and will thank the people who have worked hard for us or has let us keep their skills for years. If you see the people that i will name, tell them congratulations. If you would like to be in this list in the future please know to work harder and do your best at all you do because we want you tu be great but we cant just give it to you.

Employees of the month for the oil and gas industry:

Chirstopher Robinson

Jack Huffle

Samantha Rodgers

Employees that have been working a long time for us:

20 years- Chirstian Bells, Dur Kosclievency

30 years- Elizabeth Martinez

40 years-Deurhaven Worxafogen

In the whole company there's more people that have worked for us but we're covering our industry. Thank you for using your assets to help our company succeed. We hope to see your faces in the near future in our company. Our technology will improve and so will our jobs conditions so please stay with us.

Final reminders

We have some upcoming events for the oil and gas industry. On March 3rd we're going o have an event at Top Golf. We will try to convince consumers who use our competitors products to switch to the Siemens company. There will be a global convention in Houston, Texas in March 23. In the convention will be our competitors and they will try to persuade consumers to use their products, but we will be a step ahead of them and not let them gain as many consumers they think they'll get. Not only will our competitors be there big oil industry people and we need to impress them with new ideas, and technology. Our next newssletter will be in about a month and theres going to be more updates and more upcoming events. Other than that thank you for working for us we appreciate your effort and hard work. We hope to keep seeing you working for us because we really need your skills and assets. each and one of you contribute to our company and we're thankful for that.