The great Wright Brothers

Courtney And Ava

Wright Brothers childhood

Orville Wright was born on August 19,1871 and Wilbur Wright was born on April 16,1867.When ever they were busy they were riding bikes, making airplanes, or being a pilot trainer. They are both boys and two American brothers. They grew up in a small town in Ohio. Together they became national hero's and are starting to work together because they always need help to make the inventions the come up with. Both brothers went to high school but didn't receive there diplomas.They never graduated either .

important inventions

Wilbur Wright invented the cloth covered kite, it looked like a very strange bird. The wright brothers flew the kite like an upside down puppet. They wanted to make the kite to test a revolutionary new way of flying a airplane.He also invented the first aircraft controls.They also invented bicycles & called it the "wright bicycles" .They made them because they wanted to make getting around easier.

some inventions

Inventor Information

One of the major accomplishments are making the first modern airplane. They have changed the world by making it easier to travel from place to place. The airplane as made a impact because it as made traveling easier

additional info

Wilbur was thirty six years old & Orville was thirty two years old when they flew there first successful flight. Some of the talents of the Wrights are inventing & printing/editing. The wright brothers once printed a daily newspaper together. The Wright brothers never got married. After the first day airborne the Wright brothers never flew again. Orville was involved in the first fatal innovation accident .Orville refused to donate the right flyer to the Smithsonian institution.


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