The Vicksburg Campaign

By: Kaitlyn Hackett 7th hour

Vicksburg Campaign spring of 1862 to summer of 1863

Why does this matter?

The Union army forced a campaign to take the Confederates hold of Vicksburg, Mississippi. So they could sail down the river without say of if they could by the Confederates. When the Union got hold of Vicksburg they had control of the Mississippi river. The Union had gain control of New Orleans and Memphis so they need Vicksburg that was in the middle of the two to gain full control of the river. The Union wanted to split the Confederates too.

"Vicksburg is the key," said President Lincoln,"the war can never be brought to a close until the key is in our pocket."

Type of warfare

The Union tried using the river to take over Vicksburg by shooting from they ships but the bluffs created a good shield of protection for the Confederates. The union then decided to circle around Vicksburg they created trenches. the Confederates were circled and had to resort to building caves and hiding in them till they surrendered.

Battle Dates

First Battle of Vicksburg-summer of 1862. Union ships were shooting at Vicksburg from the Mississippi while General Ulysses S. Grant was coming over land when his supplies line was cut by General Earl Van Dorn.

In December that same year Grant tried again to Capture Vicksburg but because of the bluffs General William T. Sherman of the Confederates killed 1,800 of Grant's troops.

Grant walked down the western bank of the Mississippi to cross over to the eastern side. He then went to Jackson instead of finding away to get to Vicksburg through the bluffs to restock on supplies that was meant for Vicksburg. For a while commander John Pemberton was confused by Grant's action till their supplies were cut of.

On May 19,1863 and three days after that Grant tried to take over the fort and took it over. Even though General Joe Johnston tried to stop Grant he could not.

On July 4.1863 Pemberton surrendered after the town had to hide in caves and away from the Mississippi river because of the union ships.

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Where is Vicksburg?

Vicksburg, Mississippi is west of the Mississippi River. It is north east of Houston,Texas and north west of New Orleans, Louisiana. The absolute location of Vicksburg, Mississippi is 32.3361° N, and 90.8753° W.
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In the Vicksburg campaign there was 37,402 causalities.