DAA English KS3 Bulletin- WEEK 5

Weekly ideas and reminders

What's currently being studied?

Year 7: Me, Myself and I- identify, culture with a core novel.

Year 8: Gothic Fiction, with a core novel or play.

Year 9: Conflict- Shakespeare's Macbeth

Key Reminders and Messages for Each Year

Book swaps- please make sure that students receive their old class books as quickly as possible as the year 7 sets have changed.

Year 7


This week, students should be studying poetry that is linked to the themes of the book or play that you are studying as it is National Poetry Week. This should tie in quite nicely with the creative writing we will be finishing off.


  • Use ASA's lesson on bullying (linked with Humpty Dumpty) if this helps- the PPT is in the Dropbox under ASA year 7.
  • Hotseat as the poet and students can ask questions
  • Students can write an additional verse of the poem and explain their word choices
  • Students to write their own poem as a character from the story you are studying
  • Basic levels- students to create acrostic poems of a keyword from the story they are studying

Year 8-

  • This week- how to build the perfect villain- analysing the way in which a Gothic character is described and presented in your story
  • There are a number of short stories and extracts in the resources files for each week if you need them
  • Again- as it is poetry week, please feel free to link in some poetry with the reading analysis as it clearly enables students to hit the same Assessment Focusses.
  • Suggestions for Gothic poems with a 'villain' could be in the links below-

http://allpoetry.com/poems/about/Dracula (Dracula Poems)

http://unix.cc.wmich.edu/~cooneys/poems/Field.frankenstein.html (Frankenstein)

http://allpoetry.com/poem/1409784-Dr.-Jekyll-and-Mr.-Hyde-s-Manufactured-wbr--Potion-by-Midnight-Melancholy (Jekyll and Hyde)

Year 9

  • Making sure the RESPECT mnemonic is stuck into the book
  • Making sure students are aware of the presentation standards of their books- this is vital in light of 'progress over time' measures now!

  • Use whichever author you want for the Autobiographical transition unit for 21st century text. AKM has a range of earlier texts for you to use.