Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom

By Benjamin Miller

I rate A Hero's Guide To Saving Your Kingdom 5 out f 5 stars so you should read it today!

A Hero's Guide To Saving Your Kingdom was a great book. If you like a good a fantasy book with action, adventure, and a really gripping plot then this will definitely be the right book for you.

Hero's Guide Setting

A Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom is a fantasy land where bandits, trolls, dragon's, witches, princes, princesses, kings, and queens roam the land. Where all the action happens though is in a witch called Zaubera's tower. There is a humongous giant out guarding the front of the castle and a fire breathing dragon in the back. Inside, is Zaubera.

Here are the characters. (See below).

You are gaurannteed to like this book from the moment you start reading the first page!

Hero;s Guide Battle ( Does not give away ending!)

When Duncan (one of the 4 Princes Charming) was battling the evil witch Zaubera who was going to take over and destroy five of the biggest kingdoms he got knocked right out of the tower from the top floor. He plummeted downward toward the ground.Everyone else thought that he was dead, but he actually landed on the witch's guard dragon and flew back upwards.The dragon was red, scaly, had humongous wings, and could breath fire! He rode up yelling dragon commands that some dwarves had just taught him earlier. He yelled "Kwanchuck!" The dragon blew a big, hot, red flame directly at the tower.It hit the witch and the other three princes that were battling the witch as well. It did not kill any body including the witch, but they all got singed. Duncan wasn't done yet because he still knew some other dragon commands as well.
HerosGuideToSaving Book Trailer

Hero's Guide Overveiw ( Does not spoil ending!)