Prince Edward Island National Park

Gulf of Saint Lawrence, Canada

Prince Edward Island National Park

Grace Butler

Tourist Attractions

One of the most famous places to visit is the Confederate Trail for biking and hiking along its smooth surface at elevations as high as 142 Meters above sea level. Another attraction is swimming, snorkeling, fishing, and kayaking in the Gulf of St. Lawrence while you are staying there. Many families enjoy spending time together on the sandy beaches under the prettiest lighthouse.

WIldlife and species

Prince Edward Island National Park

Wildlife and plants in the area and physical features

Researchers discovered a new species of fungi called the Jahnula Apiospora. This national park houses many different animals including The Piping Plover, The American Eel, and 400 different species of plants including the Beach Pinweed, the Gulf of St. Lawrence Aster, the Marram Grass, and the Wild Rose. Although there are no deer on the island, coyotes, red foxes, raccoons, beavers, mink, and weasels are common. This area houses more than 300 species of birds. This park plays a significant role in shorebird migration in spring and fall. This area also contains sand dunes, rolling hill, salt marshes, and a majestic Acadian forest.