SUP+YOGA Adventure

Weekend in Calm Waters

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SUP+Yoga Adventure, May 16-18, 2014

Join the Beautiful Ladies of Soul Yoga Flow for a weekend of Yoga, stand up paddle, amazing food and incredible people on the stunning peninsula of Buzios, Brazil! Leave the madness of the city behind and spend your weekend on calm waters, exercising your body, expanding your mind and relaxing your spirit.

With daily invigorating vinyasa classes, a SUP paddle adventure across Buzios, and amazing food to nourish yourself after a rewarding day, you’ll never have felt so relaxed and accomplished than after a weekend of SUP+Yoga Adventure by Yoga Body Rio.

Soul Yoga Flow

Modern and contemporary, the beautiful ladies of Soul Flow Yoga bring traditional Yoga to the busy modern world, teaching students to unite the physical practice with a focused mind with the ends of creating a relaxed whole. Soul Yoga Flow provides a practical practice suitable for any age or level, with lots of laughter and fun mixed in.

Yoga Body Rio

Yoga Body Rio curates yoga retreats, events and immersions in the most breathtaking locations for a truly transformative experience. We invite you to our paradisiacal haven, where you can deepen your practice while creating beautiful memories. The Yoga Body Rio concept was launched through the simple belief that the only thing better than having an incredible lifestyle - is being able to share it with others. With this in mind, founder Marisa Paska devised and launched her uniquely curated range of multi-level yoga retreats, in some of Brazil’s most breathtaking locations for a truly transformative yoga experience.