The Mountains were calling.....

Riding Life's waves

Life's currents are in constant state of change

Life's ever changing current is often in a state of shift especially when the weather changes, it too changes. The current increases with rainy days and freezes on the frigid cold winter ones and still the despite the freeze the deeper undercurrent is active and has it's ebb and flows.

This flow can be like the flow of our hearts desires and yearnings. My under current for a long time now was calling for a change, of scenery, more fluid freeing flow and a refresher on life for both me and my daughter. It came swiftly and quickly as my rate of desire increased with my beating heart and tears of gratitude and loss flowed. Manifestation, yes it's true can be alight for you too!

Over the past few months and even years things were starting to transform in a magical way from a flowing current to an over abundant flow then to a stand still and an undercurrent looking for some new opening or breakthrough. It's sometimes with trials and losses that new beginnings can emerge. A rebirth of sorts. Yes, Surprises arose and things had to change. I followed my heart's undercurrent and it led me to explore the Adirondack Mountains. North Country, nature, mother earth calling in the trees, the breeze and my heart.

In a flash it came and I had to follow the current. Here I now sit in the woods of the Adirondacks in a warm cabin under that starlight sky. Still feeling amazed and grateful. My heart still holding a space from our heart connection.

So here I sit catching up with you to let you know I care about you and your well being too and to let you know you are love.

When we care for ourselves and get clear it is then that we can attend to others wishes and dreams, even their heart's desires and be fully present and supportive of what those needs are or may be. Even if you are unclear of them just yet, It's ok, that's part of life.

My heart knows that It would feel amazing to be able to support you in any way I am able in this ever changing environment called life where the only thing that is constant is change and yes hopefully us becoming a better version of ourselves over time through ooo those trials and life circumstances.

Yet, when we hold on to old beliefs and thoughts that no longer serve us we feel stuck, hopeless, and lack luster of life becomes dull and worn. We feel as though our life is passing us by and there is only motion of each day. Eek!

Until one day you wake up and realize, you have full control over your life thanks in part to healers, coaches, believers, dreamers and doers (which I am feeling excited to be in that category) to support you and your destiny, your health and your mind(fulness). Each day is what you make of it, each thought you think is your choosing, your belief and your way of life.

What are you thinking right now? Stop and listen in. What is your heart calling? What is taking up space in your mind? Are you paying a high cost to hold on to things that no longer serve your happiness? Is it healthy and loving? Does it honor you? If not let it go and if you are unsure how to do that, well that's where I can support you in your transition, to offer you tools and tips to use whenever. It's priceless information because it sticks and it works.

I would love to be a support to you and right now for a handful of wonderful beings ready for this transition, I am here to support you through two special package options found online at Please keep in mind, this is not for everyone and for some it may take some time to get there, it's all in it's own time, there is no rush, there is no urgency only that right now the special will last as long as my bandwidth can sustain and If something in you is saying yes then this may very well be your time to get connected.

There are 2 options and you can decide if it is calling you or not. Its totally up to you. The special packages are filled with oodles of insight, connection, practices and insight to support you for 6 months or a full year! Start your New Year out in a way that says yes, I am committed to me. If your next question goes to money, ask yourself what's this transition and transformation worth to you and do you think you are worth it? Payment plans are available for those who need it, I get it, I have been there and I know from experience that risks better have reward when it comes to investing in you and I am here to tell you, that if you show up for you and do your work then this program will support you in the way that you need, catered to you.

If you are still unclear and want to get connected and don't feel the two options are viable for you, connect with me and lets figure something out! I am happy and open and ready to support you!

I want you to feel as much gratitude as I feel now that I have gracefully stepped into new terrain and a new home. I feel refreshed, renewed and alive again and want you too to find this in whatever you are doing in your life and yes, there are challenges in life and opportunities for growth where ever you are in your current flow.

However, we are always in control of our minds and how we perceive something, so why now join me on the journey to a more positive thinking, doing and loving your life today!

Sign up online at under package specials and find out where your undercurrent can and wants to take you.

In peace and gratitude and sooo much love



Transformational and Intutive Yoga Instructor and Coach