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May 2021

A message from MR. Reeser

HomeLink May Newsletter

Library Access Sign Up Times

For those of you interested in accessing/checking out materials from the HomeLink library at our main HomeLink Campus, please use the link below to sign up for a time to visit the library and browse materials. It is important that you do sign up for a time so that our library staff can make sure to be there to help you when you come in to get any library materials.

Sign Up Form:


If you have any specific questions about the materials in the library please email:





Important Dates

  1. 6th and 9th Grade Info Meeting Thursday, May 6th @ 3:00 PM
  2. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week May 3rd-7th
  3. 6th-12th Grade Secondary Registration Wednesday, May 26th @ 8:00 AM
  4. K-6th Grade Elementary Registration (Save the Date) Wednesday, June 9th @ 8:00 AM
  5. Friday, June 4th Last Day of Elementary Workshops
  6. Thursday, June 10th Last Day of Private Lessons
  7. Chromebooks can be returned June 1st-10th to the main HomeLink campus to Carissa
  8. Friday, June 11th Graduation
  9. Monday, June 14th will be a “regular” AM/PM Periods 1-3 secondary day.
  10. Tuesday, June 15th is our last day of school and will be AM SESISON ONLY for periods 4-6. Please let all of your students in the B group know that they need to come to the morning session. Dismissal is at 11:00 AM and enjoy your summer!

Curriculum Information

Curriculum Check Off Sheet

◻ Parents need to sign off on the Google form that we created to confirm their inventory BEFORE they order their curriculum.

◻ Parents need to request curriculum for next year by emailing their consultant. TRHLORDERS@RSD.EDU must receive those orders prior to June 10th or they will have to be resubmitted as staff is not available to monitor that inbox.

◻ Last day to return books and curriculum to the main HomeLink building on Van Giesen is June 10th.

Curriculum Order Deadline

Please have curriculum orders to your consultants by Friday May 7th so they have time to review them. Please remember that consultants need process time, too. The May 14 deadline means that consultants have to have them submitted to TRHL orders by that time, but they have to have time to review them before I can send them on. They can’t promise that any orders sent to them on May 14 will be submitted to TRHLorders on that same day.

The due date for these orders to be received by the curriculum team is May 14 to “guarantee” that you will have your curriculum for the start of school. Any orders placed after that time won’t be ordered until August.

Big picture

Art Contests

Illustrating America

Seventy-two students fromThree Rivers HomeLink participated in the Annual Young American Patriotic Art Contest (grades 9-12 ) and Illustrating America Art Contest, (grades Kindergarten to 8) hosted by the Prosser VFW Post 3207 and Mrs. Jean Morris of Prosser. This contest asks students to create patriotic themes around the concept of what makes the United States of America great. High school students also write a short essay on patriotism expressed in their art. Grand Prize or first place winners have the opportunity to advance to District and National levels. The local level awards ceremony was held April 14, 2021 at the Prosser VFW. Mrs. Morris donated the cash prizes to all local winners. If a student wins at Nationals, they will be awarded cash prizes from the Veteran’s of Foreign Wars Auxiliary.

Congratulations to the following students whose artwork placed in the contest!

Grades K-2

1st – Thomas Horner (Kindergarten)

2nd- Bays Harrison (1st)

3rd- Genesis Zarate (2nd)

Grades 3-5

1st- Mackenzie Snider (4th) Local and District winner - On to State!

2nd – Grady Snider (3rd)

3rd- Allister Beck (3rd)

Grades 6-8

Grand Prize – Paityn Blanchard (7th grade) Local and District winner - On to State!

1st – Andelyn Rohrer (6th)

2nd – Madeline Cummings (6th)

3rd – Earli Parmeter (6th)

Young American Patriotic Art Contest

Grand Prize – Abigail Lightfoot (9th) Local and District winner - On to State!

1st – KayLee Wilson (9th)

2nd – Sariah Rhoten (10th)

3rd- Jason Schoeder (11th)

Thank you and a job well done to all of the students who participated! Each participating student got their artwork returned to them framed. It is wonderful to see the thought and effort that each student put into doing this contest! Entry of HomeLink students in this contest was made possible by the teaching and coordination of HomeLink art Teacher Bev Beierle, as well as by workshop coaches Tania Hartman and Cheryl Walter.

Consultants Corner

Decision Making

As we approach the end of this school year and begin making plans for next year with curriculum and school choices, it can be a very exciting time. It can also feel overwhelming to make these decisions. As adults, we make decisions from the moment we wake up in the morning until we fall asleep at night, and many of those decisions affect the people around us. The ability to make responsible decisions is a very important skill for kids to develop as they grow and learn. Practicing the decision making process with kids when they are young, as they make small decisions with low stakes consequences, will help them develop these skills. As they get older and become more independent, the stakes will continue to get higher as the decisions they make become more complex, and they will continue to grow in decision making. Making good choices and responsible decisions will serve a child well, and make life less stressful for them. Being able to practice this skill gives them a sense of independence and control over what their day looks like, and will build their confidence as they grow older. I have included some links with teaching tips to help kids learn good decision making skills. There are also resources to teach children the decision making process, which will help them become more mindful while making decisions.

As homeschooling parents, you have the unique opportunity to help your child grow in their decision making skills while planning their activities and scheduling their school day. Here are some practical tips for nurturing good decision making skills throughout your homeschool day:

-Work with your child to create a good routine for school. Listen to their input and have a discussion about the pros and cons of their ideas. Implement some of their ideas, and reassess together regularly to adjust things, as needed.

-Give them choices on things such as the order in which they complete their tasks and when they get to take a specified number of breaks.

-When you encounter a problem, such as work not being completed in a timely manner, guide them in walking through the decision making process to solve the problem, and avoid rescuing them when natural consequences occur.

-Allow natural consequences to occur when good/poor decisions are made. This allows your child to take ownership of their decisions, along with the outcomes that are caused by those decisions.

MAP Testing

We have several MAP assessment sessions coming up during the weeks of May 10th-May 17th. Mrs. Finch relayed the information about these MAP assessments in our last monthly newsletter. We had stated that if your student is new to HomeLink this next school year and/or your student has never taken any onsite math classes, that we require your student to take the MAP assessment so that we can best place them in the correct math class. However, we also relayed that this assessment may be taken offsite. That information is incorrect and we are now asking that if you have any student who needs to take the Math MAP assessment for the above reason, that they must come onsite during one of our proctored times. Our two proctored dates will be on either May 10th or May 11th during an AM session (9 AM-11 AM) or PM Session (12:30 PM-2:30 PM) You are still allowed to take your Reading MAP assessment at home. This will only be for the Math MAP Assessment.

Here is a link to sign up for a session so that we know how many students need to come onsite for the proctored assessment: https://forms.gle/TvW17mnpkNyq2XRE8

-You do not need to fill this out if your student has already taken onsite math classes.

-If that is the case your student may still take the MAP assessment at home.

-This is only for students who will be new to HomeLink this fall or have never taken onsite math at HomeLink.

Here is a video to watch to answer further questions.


No School Days May 28th & May 31st

HomeLink will be closed on Memorial Day to remember and honor those who have served.

Thank You


Thank you so much for all the yummy treats during Staff & Teacher Appreciation Week. We felt very spoiled and more importantly blessed to partner with you!


HomeLink Staff