Colonial America

By:Isabella Valentos

There were many reasons for migrating to the American colonies like slavery,religious reasons,overpopulated of a country,abundance of land,oppresive demands and etc.

People migrated from England to colonial America because of slavery,religious reasons and overpopulated of England

Why did so many people move to colonial America?

According to Olaudah Equiano,"But my happiness ended suddenly when I was eleven {sold into slavery.After being marched to seacost} the first object that saluted my eyes was a slave ship"(Document 1).Equiano and thousands of other Africans were forced to march to the seacost and go under the decks of the slave ship to migrate to American colonies to be sold into slavery.

According to the document,"An assumption resulting from a theory that exportation of people was a national asset.Thousand of Englishmen were forced off the land"(Document 3).Thousands of Englishmen were forced by the government to immigrate to the American colonies because England was overpopulated.

As seen in the document,"That ourselves and posterity may be better preserved from the common corruptions"(Document 4).As explained by Winthrop,the Puritans immigrated to the American colonies because they think that their future might be better there and for them to get away from the corruptions of the church.


Many people have different desires why they moved to colonial America,some have personal desires and some people were forced by the government or etc.
Colonial America