Unit 1 Early Civilizations

Unit 1


Israel is the country of origin.

The priests are the leaders.

Judaism's central belief is moral life through obedience to God.


Teachings are found in the Torah.

Does not believe in life after death; reincarnation.

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India is the country of origin.

Buddha is the leader.

Buddhism's central beliefs are reincarnation and believing that all desires/wants lead to suffering.


They have no teachings.

They do not believe in life after death; reincarnation.

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India is the country of origin.

Brahmins are the leaders.

Hinduism's central beliefs are perfect understanding, reincarnation, dharma/karma, and worships thousands of gods.


Teachings are found in Upanishads and Vedas.

They believe in life after death; reincarnation.

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Important People and Dynasties

Abraham: South of Phoenicia; Founder of the Hebrew people.

Amenhotep: Egypt; Pharaoh of Egypt.

Asoka: India; United almost all of India except the southern tip.

Caste System: India; Provided a set of rules.

Confucius: China; taught to respect your elders.

Gupta Dynasty: India; Founded by Chandra Gupta 1.

Hammurabi: Egypt; Political leader who is famous for the Code of Hammurabi.

Hatshepsut: Egypt; Reigned as pharaoh from about 1503 B.C. to about 1482 B.C.

Mandate of Heaven: China; Approval of the Gods.

Menes: Egypt; United the advanced cities in Egypt.

Middle Kingdom: Egypt; ' Golden Age " Nobles and Priests weaken the power of the Pharaoh.

Moses: Egypt; Founder of Judaism and Christianity.

New Kingdom: Egypt; Pharaohs had absolute power.

Old Kingdom: Egypt; Developments in Science and the arts took place here.

Patriarchal: China; Man is in charge of the household.

Qin Dynasty: China; The Emperor had total power and The Wall of China was built.

Ramses the Great: Egypt; Pharaoh who made peace with the enemies.

Siddhartha Gautama: India; Founder of the religion known as Buddhism.

Zhou Dynasty: China; No centralized government territory belonged to the royal family allies, and required military service and tribute.

Zoroaster: Persia; Persian prophet who was termed as the first non-biblical monotheist.

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Gupta Dynasty

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Mandate of Heaven

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Qin Dynasty