Hello Allie!!!! It's 2016

By: Allie Dettmann

This is me on the right, I know what your thinking.... Those flyaways though. Anyways I'm here with my friend Tillie (she's on the left) on the day that we were told to make these letters, March 17, 2016 of my freshman year.


Rough times being in 9th grade. Hope it gets better by senior year. So far this year has had many ups and downs to it. Recently I feel like I have been in a hole of depression. And of course I feel like I can't tell my parents anything because they both are "medical professionals." My dad for god sake is a psychiatrist and treats stuff like this. At the same time I feel so alone. I can't talk to anyone not even Amanda because she's so conservative. I definitely can see my family being a a family of three instead of four. Not all days are bad but most days I can't go without crying or even thinking to myself how much of a mistake I was. Ever since I was little and apparently got diagnosed with ADHD my parents have treated me differently than Manda. She's perfect, perfect skin, perfect grades, perfect everything. On the flip side I try to act so strong. I judge her so hard on little gestures or the way she looks. She seems so much more accomplished academically than me but she just doesn't seem normal. She doesn't hang out with friends and if she does it involves no contact with boys. I hope I can figure out where I belong in this world by the end of my four years at Yarmouth High School.

My hopes and Dreams for the future:

What my dream jobs would include:

  • Photo journalist