Magnificent Mesopotamia


Writing in Mesopotamia was used as a common way of keeping records and keeping history. Some of the earliest writing known to earth came from Mesopotamia. Writing later became of use to the government as a way to communicate with other areas about trade and commerce.

Social Structure

Mesopotamia had specific levels of social class depending on how wealthy you were and your job. Once you were born in one of the lower classes, it was very hard to get out. therefore, one would usually have remained in the class they were born into for their lifetime. The order from lowest to highest was: slaves, farmers, artisans, merchants, scribes, soldiers, government officials/ rulers.


Most art from Mesopotamia was created to serve one purpose; to glorify the leader of the empire at the time and show that Mesopotamia was the strongest empire out there.. The art would usually be created out of marble, stone or even shells. Sculptures and carving were common forms of art. Art usually did not include the signature of the artist, for the purpose was to glorify the empire, not the creator.


Major cities in Mesopotamia included Uruk, Nippur, Nineveh, Assur, Babylon< Eridu, and Ur


The religion in Mesopotamia was mostly polytheistic and similar to Greek mythology in the fact they the people believed that certain gods and goddesses controlled the course of their daily lives. Babylonian and Assyrian religion was influenced by the Summerians


The Mesopotamian empire was ruled and governed by monarchy. Kings and nobles were in control of the people.They would decide and pass laws that they though would best honor and satisfy their gods and goddesses. There was a small group of government people or counsil that could attempt to overrule the king;s decision... If the king was smart and not stubborn, he would often listen to the advice being given to him by the counsil.