Help A Kid!!

Foster Parent


  • $48,000.
  • The foster care system will provide a foster subsidy, a monthly amount of money, for each foster child within the home.

Education or Training Needed

  • Must be a U.S citizen.
  • Must pass a home study.
  • Stable Income.
  • Must be 21.


  • Tax Breaks.
  • State Programs
  • Local Foster Parent Associations.

Other Jobs

  • Family support worker
  • Parent Aid
  • Social Worker

What I need to do today and what they do.

  • Kids need homes to live in so, i would love to help them. I don`t like that after a long period of time you have to give the up.
  • take a close interest in the lives of the children.
  • setting appropriate boundaries.
  • teaching them how to behave while understanding and appreciating the uniqueness of each child.
Life in Foster Care