3rd Grade Tidings

Winter Helpers

We just had the most wonderful holiday breakfast complete with reindeer toast and craft:) A special thanks to all of the parents who helped by sending in goodies or by coming into the classroom. This group is quite special:)

May you and your family have a wonderful break!

Homework for the Holidays

It is very important for your child to read and practice multiplication math facts over break.

A half an hour most days will go a long way to keeping students fresh:)

Please remember our 100 Club for reading. Write down all those books you read! You only have to have 50 to get into the club.

We will also have a book report due before the end of the sememster. This is a good time to start reading a book for that.


We have just started unit 5 in math. Unit 5 is all about writing an understanding numbers through the millions. Children should know how to read numbers up to millions, write numbers through the millions and know the value of each digit in these numbers.

We continue to test multiplication daily. Please encourage your child to practice, practice, practice over the break. Please have your child work on the multiplication packet which is due after break. Just a reminder that all multiplication facts should be automatic, meaning children should know the answer in less than 3 seconds without using pictures, or manipulatives.

There are many ways to practice these facts, including flashcards, competition games and websites. We highly recommend the xtramath.com site. Many other sites are on the student wiki.

Special kudos go to Alex who has completed his Xtramath multiplication facts and Aayati and Melanie who are the first to complete their multiplication packet.


Congratulations to Melanie, Jack and Lucy who have completed reading 100 books and are still going strong:) WOW!! I know many other students are working toward the bronze medal...completing 50 books. Keep reading:)

We have just started a new theme and will focus on context clues, plot and possessives.

After break, all Woodland students will be tested on fluency and comprehension. Keep reading!!